Breath Easy with CPAP Nasal Mask

By AdminPosted On 17-Jul-2017

CPAP nasal masks are the most popular masks among the users. They are highly useful for the people who do not like to have air pressure directly into the nares and also do not like to wear a full face mask, or prefer the extra stability of a nasal mask over the nasal pillows style.

Mostly, nasal masks are triangular in the shape and fit over the nose, covers the bridge of the nose down to the upper lip area. Nasal masks are quite famous among the people as they provide a wide range of size and fit which makes them a perfect mask for any user.

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Nasal masks are

  • Good for higher-pressure settings.

  • More natural airflow than nasal pillows as the delivered pressure isn't as direct.

  • Have various designs cater to a wide range of facial structures and features 

Nasal masks are not good for mouth breathers. Sometimes it complains about irritation which is caused by the pressure of the mask resting on the bridge of the nose or the forehead supports. Nasal masks also not good for the people who have difficulty in breathing by the nose or any other nasal problem. These nasal masks can have extra cavity size to make breathing more easily. These masks are smaller, lighter, and comfortable in use. Nasal masks features simple, adjustable headgear and the innovative seal for a gentle, effective seal which is developed from extensive patient-centered research. Nasal masks are designed and popular for its

  • Comfort: lighter masks give greater comfort, softer seals and small frame profiles.

  • Seal: nasal masks are made to minimize leakage and maximize therapy adherence.

  • Easy Use:  nasal masks are designed to be easy in every respect: set-up, cleaning, adjusting and sleeping. Just fit and forget.

B&C technologies is a major distributor for CPAP nasal masks in Kerala. The developmental team of B&C technologies focuses on the design of the mask to provide best masks that are best in quality, comfort, and performance.

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