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Dedica is a stress ECG which is used to analyze dedicated stress test. It has rock steady baseline and has heart rate of more than 210. The device shows full frequency response on 0.05 Hz to 150 Hz, which is stipulated by American heart association. The device has precise computation of ST levels and promises brilliant correlation with angiography. The dedicated stress test provides clean ECG withour any type of muscle tremor or 50 cycle noise. Dedica is manufactured in the way that can bear a weight of sumo. The device has ST integrals for all 12 leads with 1mm grid display on the screen. The device also has alarm for ST and HR depression. All the leads of ST level provide graphic display. The device also has trends for R wave, METs, RPP< and PVC per minute.

The device either has 12 lead raw ECG, each of 4 seconds, all the 12 medians has x2, x3, and x4 enlargement time with side by side viewing or superimposing of the current median on basal or peak exercise median or has three lead mode with 12 median with the choice of user to select three long leads, each of 8 seconds and one large median which is comparable to the basal or peak exercise median.

Distinct features of the device include

·         In auto mode, maximum ST depression is automatically selected and displayed during acquisition

·         Medians can be refreshed with the interval of 1-8 seconds.

·         In the entire test, the data can be reviewed beat to beat for all 12 leads with full revelation

·         Virtually, No constraints on the number can be stored for reviewing


The dedicated stress test provides reports such as linked or mixed median, rhythm, advance mixed medians, raw ECG, median comparative, full disclosure, stage, trend, and brief and full summary.


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