DLCO in India

By AdminPosted On 18-Mar-2017

DLCO (diffusing capacity or transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide), it refers to the test to determine the passage of oxygen from the air sacs of the lung to the blood. This testing method measures how well the lungs are capable of exchanging the gasses. DLCO in India is distributed by B & C Technologies.

Why is the Test performed?

DLCO is used to diagnose lung diseases and monitor the lung status of the lung disease patients. Measuring the diffusing capacity sequentially helps to determine condition of lungs.

How is the test performed?

The patient will be made to breathe the air containing a very meager amount of carbon dioxide and methane of helium (a tracer gas). He/she is advised to hold the breath for ten seconds and then advised to blow the air rapidly. The intaken tracer gas will be determined by testing the exhaled gas.

Diffustik product features:

  • For rapid and selective gas analysis optical analyzer is used
  • Newly developed flow sensor with extremely low dead volume
  • Diagnostic software platform Blue Cherry is used
  • Quality control and integrated plausibility
  • Strong, easily adjustable 3D tripod make the patients feel easy during the conduct of the investigation.
  • Fully automatic BTPS correction
  • Smart Report technology for freely configurable print templates and screen images
  • Measurements Spirometry, Flow/volume, single-breath CO diffusion and respiratory muscles

B & C Technologies is a world class distributor for high quality health care products like Spirometers, COPD Screening Monitors, Sleep Lab systems, DLCO diagnosing machine- Diffustik in India.

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