Does Snoring Wakes You All Night?

By AdminPosted On 28-Sep-2016

When you sleep with someone who snores it is impossible to sleep well. Those annoying noises all night disturbs your sleep. Snoring can be defined as  strong, grunts and harsh breathing sounds that occur during sleep. The strong and frequent snoring makes it difficult to get a sound sleep for you and your partner. 

Snoring occurs when the airways of a person constrict, causing, breathing, throat tissue vibrate when air passes out there. 
Common causes of snoring
* Being overweight
* Swelling of tissues during the last month of pregnancy
* Alcohol, smoking, and medications
* Stuffy nose for cold or allergies
* Sleep posture
* Nasal and sinus problems

Snoring can also be a sign of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea . This happens when you stop breathing totally or partially for more than 10 seconds while sleeping. This is followed by a sudden snort or gasp when the person starts breathing again. During that time, you wake up suddenly.
Then the person begins to snore again. This cycle usually happens many times at night, making it difficult to sleep.
How to prevent the occurrence of snoring
* Adopt a healthy lifestyle
* Certain body positions during sleep will prevent snoring. For example, lifting the body height to prevent the relaxation of tissues at the level of the pharynx 
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