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Braebon Corporation, Canada is a single-source provider of high quality PSG sensors, accessories, snoring & apnea screeners, full PSG diagnostic systems, core management outcomes software, and therapeutic intra-oral appliances.

Medibyte is the world's smallest level 3 Home Sleep Testing Laboratory which comes in the palm of your hand. The MediByte is just 3 x 2.8 x 0.75 inches (71 x 76 x 19mm) and weighs in at just 3.3 ounces (93g).

Medibyte Home Sleep Testing (HST) device is ideal for home evaluation of snoring and sleep apnea. Rock-solid components, cutting-edge technology and innovative products combine to deliver a home sleep testing solution like no other. Medibyte comes with sensors for body position, pulse oximetry and a pressure transducer built into the recorder and is CPAP compatible

Medibye HST device comes in 2 variants

  • Medibyte Level 3

    Medibyte Level 3, 12 channel PSG diagnostic screener with 12 channels including an auxiliary (AUX) port which provides a high sample rate channel for a variety of applications like sound, ECG, EMG and airflow thermister

  • Medibyte Jr. Level 4

    Medibyte Jr. Level 4 (up gradable to Level 3) with 6 channels. This provides simple, cost effective and reliable screening for sleep apnea


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  • 2. PureFlow
  • 3. Disposable AirFlow
  • 4. MediByte
  • 5. MediByte Junior
  • 6. DentiTrac
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