You can find that there are quite a lot of disorders connected with not getting a good sleep. You age faster and your levels of concentration drop down. You find fine deep lines or wrinkles getting formed across your eye-area and these lead to puffiness of eyes. Puffiness around your eye-area is commonly known as dark circles. Droopy eyes or blurred vision can also be a symptom associated with deprived sleep. Problems association with lack of sleep are commonly referred to as sleep disorders. These include

A brief mention about each of them


Snoring happens while you are unable to move the air freely via your throat or nose, especially while you are fast asleep. The surrounding tissues vibrate producing snoring sounds.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a complicated form of sleep disorder, which is associated with an interrupted breathing pattern, while you are asleep. Just in case you are left with a chronic form of sleep apnea, your heart skips its beat, may be hundreds of times. And this means your brain or rest of your body might not receive sufficient levels of oxygen.

Restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome again is a disorder connected with lack of sleep. A part of your nervous system creates an urge from moving your legs from side to side. You might experience a similar kind of restlessness near your arms and other parts of your body as well. You can also have an itchy feeling near your legs or thigs.


Insomnia is the most commonly found sleep disorder impacting millions of people across the globe. Insomnia is associated with not getting a good quality of sleep or waking up too early. Stress is the most common reason behind insomnia. Working professionals who work for almost 20 hours a day can also be impacted with the ill effects connected with insomnia.

These are the most referred to sleep disorders one might count upon, due to lack of a good as well as a blissful sleep.

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