Characteristic Features of Insomnia in a nutshell

Meaning and definition of Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that is characterized with a difficulty falling or staying asleep. Just in case you are diagnosed with a chronic form of insomnia you will find it extremely difficult to fall asleep. You keep tossing and turning around all over your bed. But on the other hand, you tend to wake up early or in between your sleep. This makes you feel very tired or gloomy all through the day. On the contrary, a person who has given himself or herself a solid rest of 7-8 hours will wake up fresher and more relaxed in the morning.

More than 25% of Americans suffer from insomnia on account of work related stress or on account of frustration from relationships.

Types of Insomnia

There are two types of insomnia. One is called the Primary Insomnia while the other Secondary insomnia. A brief mention on each of these

Primary Insomnia

In case of a primary insomnia, you are just connected with not getting enough sleep and thus you experience this form of sleeping disorder. Otherwise, things are perfectly fine with your health.

Secondary Insomnia

Secondary insomnia is a kind of sleeping disorder not directly connected with your sleeping pattern or irregularity but on account of other health conditions such as asthma, depression, heart burn, cancer, arthritis and a lot more. You can also suffer from sleeplessness on account of strong medication. You feel sleep deprived also if you have the habit of consuming alcohol on a regular basis.

Risk factors connected with Insomnia

  • Age factor

Men and women who are 66 years and above are more likely to be impacted with insomnia than their younger counterparts. This is mainly because their body metabolism acts slower and this interferes with the quality of sleep

  • Chronic disorders
  • Certain types of medication
  • Psychological factors
  • You will feel drowsy or sleepy all through the day as you have not had an entire night’s sleep.
  • As you have not slept the entire night and not had enough rest, you feel tired or lethargic to carry on with your day to day activities.
  • You find that your levels of concentration droop down.
  • Your decision making ability is quite poor.
  • And you feel irritable, all through the day.

  • Treatment procedures for Insomnia

    Just in case you are suffering from insomnia, you need to contact your wellness center and visit a doctor or a primary care physician to look into your irregular sleep habits. You and the doctor need to sit together in order to thoroughly discuss various issues and areas of concern that is not letting you sleep and thereby giving you days or weeks of sleeplessness.

    If you are suffering from depression, anger, anxiety or trying to come to terms with a major life adjustment then you will be put across, to a physiotherapist, who will address the issue. You can also suffer from insomnia on account of sudden life style changes. Say for instance, you are shifting your home from one premises to the other or just in case you are shuttling from one job to another.

    These are the treatment options you can look at just in case you are suffering from insomnia for weeks put together

    Relaxing techniques

    If you are suffering from insomnia on account of stress related factors, your psychotherapist will put you across various relaxation techniques, in order to calm your mind. Deep breathing, meditation, soft music, guided imagery and mind calming exercises are taught to you to help you come out of stress or tension. Your mind calms down and you are able to get a better quality of sleep.

    Cognitive thinking

    Your counselor can ask you to maintain a sleep diary so that you are deliberately conscious of when you sleep in bed during the nights and the time you wake up from bed next day in the morning.  A good and a blissful sleep can also improve your cognitive thinking abilities to quite an extent.

    Positive thinking can also be improved if you read good books or chant versus from the bible. You can avoid afternoon naps, to be able to sleep better during the night.

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