Know the secret ingredients behind a peaceful sleep

Are you tossing on your bed from side to side? Is emotional stress or fatigue preventing you from getting a restful as well as a blissful sleep? Is overwork leaving you with no time to spare for yourself? Or is your diet an unhealthy one? Presenting you with top 5 tricks or sleep well mantras by which you can induce a better sleep than ever.

A 15 minute meditation

Scientific research states that a mere 15 minute meditation is equivalent to a deep sleep of up to 8 hours. Working professionals, stressed out chartered accountants or moms toggling between home, family and kids can take up a 15 minute meditation, to help them get a blissful sleep, just in case time factor is a major constraint. In other words, if you do not have enough time, to go in for an 8 hour sleep pattern.

Balanced diet

Having three saturated meals in a day is again detrimental to having a sound sleep. It takes a very long time for the stomach to digest your fatty diet, especially during the night. Follow the proverbial rule, to healthy eating- ‘Have breakfast like a king, have supper like a prince and dine like a pauper.

Have crunchy nuts, and a bowl of fruits or vegetables as against French fries or chips. Have vegetable salads as a part of every meal. Alternate tea or coffee with fresh fruit juices or tender coconut water. Have almonds as a part of your evening snack as against cholesterol laden burgers or pizzas.

Drink plenty of water

Water is a major component which aids your body in the entire process of digestion. And it flushes out harmful toxins from your body, just to leave you with an ever-glowing skin and a blissful sleep. Have a fresh glass of juice or a glass of warm milk just before hitting at the bed. Keeping your body well hydrated can maximize your hours of sleep.

Add cashews to a glass of Luke warm milk

Cashew nuts not only give you a feeling of fullness but can also help you get oodles of energy as these are enriched with proteins. Add cashew nuts to a glass of warm milk and you can find yourself drooling all over your bed.

Maintain the same sleep and wake up cycle

Going to bed during the night and waking up the early morning at the same time every single day helps your body to get accustomed to a natural sleep wake-up cycle. Hence you need to streamline your sleeping pattern in such a way that you get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep every single day.

These easy to follow and simple sleep well mantras can take you places and ensure you have a heavenly sleep. You can now put a big full stop to all your problems related to insomnia. You can also indulge reading story books, to be able to cling on to your sleep faster. Reading a nice book can take away the stress or anxiety from unwanted thoughts and you can go to sleep on a more vibrant note.

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